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Bird's Eye Vision

The Brain While Looking at the Rain.

That day she saw the rain as she had never seen before. For years she had seen the rain falling flat and repetitive. The discovery of the rain shaped in space randomly surrounding her was breathtaking. The rain drops created dimensional around her from above. It saddened her to realize that was the first time she experienced such view. She bent her head back looking at the rain drops, falling coquetry, as rebellious as her own vision. That was something new. Intensely real. Beautiful.

Suddenly, the hallucination of patterns in her vision began occupying the space all over her vision. Strange lines and shapes invaded her view. The reality was what she could make of it, an abstract of shapes. Impossible to ignore, although she despised the feeling. The hallucinations were real even more than the reality she had previously seen. The detail was meticulous. She felt trapped in her brain like “Alice in a Wonderland.” Her vision was a magnifying map. Nothing was empty anymore, even the night.

She woke up like that. Changed. Unreal to her, but true. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw shapes and patterns. Her features were misplaced in space and lost. She didn’t see herself. What happened to her vision? Panic traveled all over her body. The more she stressed the more her vision hallucinated places she had never been.

She had read of stereoscopic vision before but was often referred to animals. Her brain played tricks by sacrificing the flatness with the depth. Her way of looking at the world became surreal switching back and forth from real to fiction. In order to make that vision, the brain needed a special mechanism, a complexity of the neural and muscular process.

How did she possess such phenomena over the night? She feared the worst but said nothing.

That day the vision traveled secretly with her around the city. Nothing looked the same. The city she saw was unusual. The unusual colors around the buildings at first looked grotesque. The inequality of architecture embraced by the metallic colors seemed to have accepted each other’s co-existence. The cracks on the roads made a fanatic grid. The details were flawless. The eyes scanned everything, sparing nothing. That’s all she saw details.

Over the night her vision was metamorphosed into a predatory view. Nothing was camouflaged. Details were immaculate. Her eyes were the same, but her vision was not anymore. It had vanished with the moon of the night before. The sunrise gave her the eagle’s eyes. She wanted to blame the moon for such a present, knowing that her brain was playing the magic.

The brain was playing indeed. Her binocular cells have awakened all of the sudden, from a long hibernation. In split second, she felt released to have solved the puzzle. Although afraid of the change, she was flirting with her new “bird’s eye” vision. After all the rain was splendid when seen for the first time.

Fatjona Lubonja©

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