The Mind's Face. The Mystery of the Brain.

How would we recognize our own face if the mirrors were never invented? That was all she thought when the lights went out and the dark took over in a selfish power. Do we really recognize our own face or we are just used to the illusion or perception created from our brain? Can we vision our face if the lights are out? She continued asking questions that she thought were the key to understanding the mind’s visual perception of “self” in a visual world. The struggle to understand irritated and excited her at the same time. If we can vision our face when it's dark, then the brain relies on other information rather the eyes, she continued her monolog. If that is a path, then the brain would use

A Point of View: The World of Dyslexia

The city loved to flirt with the night, letting her go slowly. Nothing was in the rush, even the sunrise. The cable stones would reflect back the shadows of everything left behind. The linear perspective of the dimensional world during the day was abandoned by the continuous geometric deformation during the night. She liked observing the city at night. The two-dimensional world of viewing the city was easier for her. She lived in the world of Dyslexia. The deformation of viewing things was her talent. No one could see nature like her and she was clueless about that. How would have she known? She was a creature of her own brain. Sundays were the days she loved the most. That day her dyslexia

Përse disa individë mësojnë më shpejt se të tjerë? Ja çfarë ndodh me trurin

Nga Dr. Fatjona R. Lubonja Perse disa individë kanë aftësi të mësojnë më shpejtë ndërsa disa të tjerët kërkojnë më shumë kohë për të mësuar? Ka shumë faktorë që ndikojnë në aktivitetin a trurit gjatë procesit të akumulimit të informacionit dhe kuptimit të tij. Aftësia individuale për të mësuar është një proces kompleks dhe influencohet direkt nga aktiviteti i qelizave te trurit dhe rrugëtimi qe ato marrin gjatë këtij procesi. (Bassett, et al., 2015) Por, si e influencon truri shpejtësinë e të mësuarit? Truri reagon për ç’do informacion që i jepet me një shpejtësi rreth 200 mil/s për ç’do inpuls. Disa element që aktivohen gjatë këtij procesi janë: aktiviteti i qelizave nervore të trurit, rru

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