Bird's Eye Vision

The Brain While Looking at the Rain. That day she saw the rain as she had never seen before. For years she had seen the rain falling flat and repetitive. The discovery of the rain shaped in space randomly surrounding her was breathtaking. The rain drops created dimensional around her from above. It saddened her to realize that was the first time she experienced such view. She bent her head back looking at the rain drops, falling coquetry, as rebellious as her own vision. That was something new. Intensely real. Beautiful. Suddenly, the hallucination of patterns in her vision began occupying the space all over her vision. Strange lines and shapes invaded her view. The reality was what she coul

Freckled Moments

Her thoughts were freckled every time she visited that city. It began with the heat of the day that tired even the dust around and it ended stretching to the jazzy nights. That city was like a quantum grid in her brain that was tirelessly in motion. Its shape was changed every time she visited. She was biased in every road she took, over and over, repetitively like in captivity. That city had a strange effect on her, almost a cocktail of beauty and ugliness, a battlefield between the grotesque and simplicity. It was not often that she visited that place. Every time they faced each other it seemed they traveled in opposite directions. She grew older and the city grew younger. Although she def

Angel's V Day

Love was older that the cobble stones paved in that city. He felt that by endlessly looking at her walking delicately as if she was kissing the cold surface of each old stone. Showing off her finer side of her soul through her coquette body movement was satisfyingly enjoyable. For a moment he lost his sense of direction. Every minute added to his inability to detect what was more seducing than her skin, her hair, her aura, whatever that was; it was pure, with no desire to deceive. He felt no desire to add anything, suddenly he loved the feeling. It was the most impossible love. The one that lands somewhere in the world where only poets were allowed. Happiness was his that moment. He was a vi

Multilingual Seduction

The Aesthetic of Language.She served languages for dinner, mixing up with a cocktail of sounds and words. Evenings with friends wasn’t much about the food but rather about the freedom of speaking different languages, even though many of them often didn’t understand what was said. The conversations were so intense so they would forget what languages they spoke. Languages were served very elegantly following each person on the table. Everyone was welcomed. She was multilingual, and the ability to switch languages fast fascinated the others. To her speaking different languages was not a luxury but a necessity. Multiple languages were hard-wired into her brain. The monolingual world was abstract

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