The Phonetic of "Love"

Understanding Aphasia. Love / ‘l∨∧/ “Love” was the word he didn’t say. It was left behind with other residues of young age genuine silliness. For years he looked back, to only discover nothing was the same, but one thing, his shadow footprints were left untouchable in his memory. He felt a sweet revolt burning inside him. His feelings were complaining, but its repetition in his mind was unbearable. His thoughts were bribing each other. His head felt like a black hole, absorbing everything, but performing in existence. He refused the faith of being a breathing collection among others. The world of words faded in him and threatened to leave him. His brain was playing tricks. Every day and some


Why some people are able to learn a new skill faster while others require extra time? Learning is complex and hold the key to the ability of the brain on organizing, developing, storing, understanding,... and more. There are many brain activity factors that influence learning. One of the latest research (Bassett, et. al., 2015) suggested that neural activity could be one of the factors. How? Neural activity in quickest learners was different from that of slower. Interaction between different brain regions. Longer learners recruit unnecessary parts of the brain. Fast learners tend to limit their activity to the necessary parts of the brain only. In simple words: fast learner's brain used a sh

Girl Talk

What do you think about this women? Is she really having an orgasm? The girl standing next to me said while observing the same painting. At that moment, two girls, stranger to each other until that moment, chosen by the random probability of a causal observation at the museum, suddenly allowed themselves to a conversation momentum. “I like this painting”, she said, not so much for the appreciation of the paintings, but something else, more feminine. There we were, standing in front of “Judith” (Klimt, 1901), the powerful, the true femme fatale, glorified of having an orgasm while cutting the Holofernes’ head. The ultimate woman that explored pleasure from both acts. She evoked fear and lust,

Who is Socrates?

How do we learn? It is a profound question often left with no answer. To understand we have to look at the journey of our own self. Ana had never imagined her past would haunt her present as if she was cursed by a witch. The closer she sailed towards the coast, the more her thoughts echoed declaring war inside her head. After all these years, her childhood memories woke up from a long time of hibernation. Suddenly her present was traveling through the past to the unknown future. Confusion ruled in anarchy. The impotence of describing her feelings was a hazardous venture she didn't like. Was it just the reconnaissance of her illiterate understanding? Had she unknowingly ignited something that

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