Why some people are able to learn a new skill faster while others require extra time?

Learning is complex and hold the key to the ability of the brain on organizing, developing, storing, understanding,... and more. There are many brain activity factors that influence learning.

One of the latest research (Bassett, et. al., 2015) suggested that neural activity could be one of the factors.


  • Neural activity in quickest learners was different from that of slower.

  • Interaction between different brain regions.

  • Longer learners recruit unnecessary parts of the brain.

  • Fast learners tend to limit their activity to the necessary parts of the brain only.

In simple words: fast learner's brain used a shortcut network, while longer time learners take a longer network navigation in using more parts of the brain (Bassett, et. al., 2015).


Bassett, S. D., Yang, M., Wymbs, F. N., & Grafton, T. S, (2015). Nature: Neuroscience, 18, 744–751

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